Wolle Aretz -  Percussion

Probably one of the best drummer from the island, Wolle studied Jazz Music in Berklee College of music Boston, USA and playing with diffent professional musician.

At the moment he is teaching music in music school and playing in a blues Band. He has the most beautiful practise room of the world.


Lucas Borkel - 12 String E.- Guitar , Sitar

Lucas is a brilliant piano  - and guitarplayer  from Gran Canaria. He loves progressiv Rock and sound experiments.  Since some years he is also playing the indian instrument sitar. He produced diffent songs on his you tube canal and performes with different musicians on the island. He found  the Portico Academia in Las Palmas and teaching music and philosophy.


Olimpia Tejera - Bass guitar

Olimpia has participated in bands of different musical styles:
Project by Ima Galguén, Return to the spirit music with folk, Celtic &  Mediterranean roots
Camelina & Los indianos, Cuban music

Singer-songwriter Ramón Betancor
Proud Mary and Ecstatic rok group
Rock cover groupLa Cueva, The Hits Women Rock Band, Punk music group La Malvada"

Alexander Meyen -

E. Violinen, Komposition

Lucas Fernandez Borkel -Sitar, 12 String E-Gitarre

Wolle Aretz -Percussion

Dr. Uida

Liquid Light Eperiment

Future L3 in Gran Canaria

Alexander Meyen - E. Violine, Komposition

Wolle Aretz  - Percussion

Lucas Fernandez Borkel - Sitar, 12 String E.- Gitarre

Olimpia Tejera - Bass Gitarre

Dr. Uida -  Liquid Light Experience

Olimpia Tejera -

Bass Gitarre